I’m back

Not sure why, but here I am again. I am sure I have no followers left now, but maybe they’ll come back someday and see I have been posting again.

Anyway – this is how it’s going to be. I have been talking a lot about blogging lately and figured that previously, I had put too much pressure on myself to actually write something everyday. I have realised in the many months since I last posted that this is a futile exercise, so I figure from now on, I’ll post when the urge hits – which for some reason today it did. I have my first day of for weeks, so maybe that’s why.

Plenty has happened over the months I haven’t been here. I became single, lost a beloved Grandma, moved house, went overseas, came back, got a great flatmate, made a whole new bunch of friends, lost another whole bunch, and turned 34 (eek). And on one particular night , I got more fucked up than ever before in my life – but I’ll save that story for another time. I also got a new band (check us out – we are Fuzu. And I didn’t have my hair cut for all this time – until today, when this young girl of about 15 gave me a trim for $18. “Ripped off”, I thought, until she dried it and jooged it up a little, and then I thought “smart”.

Anyway – I might be back later today. If not, I’ll catch you again very soon. I promise to elaborate on all of the above. 2006 has been the strangest year of my life without question. In a sense, it’s been my best and worst year of all, but I am so glad it is drawing to a close. I’m thinking things can only get better from here. I hope so, at least.

Back soon
Tobes 🙂

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