A short D and M

I had a moment this weekend – after a wedding. I won’t say anymore than that – just a moment. But it kind of opened my eyes. I started to think about the name of this blog and why I chose it – Light&Shade.

I figure wherever there is light, there will always be shade. Sometimes, life gets so hot in the light, you rush blindly to the shade, forgetting everything you leave behind in panic. This year, I spent a whole lot of time in the shade, but this weekend, I found light. I’m hoping there are no big obstacles ahead that might block it out and create more shade.

Anyway, it’s a little deep, but you might know where I am coming from. If not, it doesn’t matter – I know what I mean.

So I wrote a song (it’s been a while since I have done that) and the lyrics are probably my best yet. I called it Closure, and thought I’d post the lyrics here for you to see – whoever you are and whatever you’re going through in your own lives.

Take my hand
Take it tight
This has been
A crazy fight
To the end
We will rush
Nothing there
An empty crush

And I feel like you’re scared
If it helps, I’m the same
When we see where we are
Will we care? Take it on?

Moving on
That you were
On my side
Empty rush
Through my heart
After all
It’s torn apart

Suddenly I have no choice
It’s away
And all I hear is your voice
But you say


© Toby Forage

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