Wikipedia loves me

I was very happy this morning when I heard a picture of mine had been used to illustrate the death of Anna Nicole Smith on Wikinews. They sent me an email to say they’d used it, given me a credit, and if I had any problems, to let them know. Naturally, all I said was “thanks”, and how freakin’ cool. The pic, incidentally, received about 400-odd hits through the first half of today.

On ths story itself, how shocking that Anna Nicole is dead. She’s not someone I ever really gave a shit about, to be honest, but 39 is too young for anyone to die. She was a tragic figure in life, and in that sense, her death is perhaps fitting. I was comparing it to Marilyn Monroe’s demise. She started out as a megababe that was almost unbelievable to the eye, found fame at breakneck speed, lost it a bit, took too many drugs, had wild fluctuations in weight, nuked all her brain cells and, ultimately, died prematurely.

Mystery surrounds the death of both ladies, and perhaps always will. I guess on the bright side, Alphaville sang so well, both will be Forever Young.

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