Holiday plans

Slowly, they’re coming together. I spent more than two hours in Trailfinders yesterday, nailing down the flights, and I think that’s going to help me figure out exactly what I am doing. So, what am I doing?

Well, the route is as follows: Sydney to Tokyo; Tokyo to Hanoi; Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh; Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong; Hong Kong to London; a European tour taking in Paris, Berlin, Oslo and possibly Prague; London to New York; New York to San Francisco; San Francisco back to Sydney.

Yep, it’s a lot, but I have about nine weeks to fit it all in, and that is the next part of the planning. Basically, I want long spells in Vietnam and Europe, so Tokyo and the states are kind of short-term bookends to the whole thing, which should be fun. I might go to Osaka and Los Angeles, too, to catch up with some people, but we’ll see how we go. The scariest thing is the cost. But I have another two pay-days before I leave – in mid-June – so hopefully I’ll be sweet.

I’m obviously going to take the camera with me, so stay tuned to my Flickr, because I’ll be dumping a ton of stuff into it at some point, and I’m imaging some dramatic shooting along the way, which is great. Probably when I get to Europe and spend some time at home with my beautiful mum, sister and dad, I’ll get time to download. That will likely be sometime in July. When I know more, I’ll post it, but in short, now I have the flights booked, I’m seriously excited. Now, the fun part – where the hell am I gonna go on the ground, and where am I gonna stay? H-E-L-P!!!

But it’s fun …

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