My new Macbook

I bit the bullet today and bought myself a Macbok Pr. It’s something I’d wanted to do for some time, but I just never had a good reason. That was until my PC decided to fry its hard drive and leave me with nothing. Actually, that’s not strictly true – I did back up.

However, I took it as a sign to move out of the Microsoft world and into the world of Mac.

First impressions, as with any Apple product, are usually a simple “Wow”, and then you start playing. I remember when I got my first iPod – an iPod mini, with about enough memory for three albums. Still, it was awesome at the time. Then I upgraded to a full 60GB video iPod, and supplemented that with the more pocket friendly Nano. Both I still love and use constantly – and now, I have a Macbook.

I’m excited about the possibilities this presents me in a creative sense, not least since my two main hobbies are photography and music, activities for which the Mac was pretty much purpose built.

First tasks are to get used to the little differences – no double clicking, no right clicking, etc. It’s a little weird at first, but it’s taking me back to my page laout days, when I used a Mac every day of the week.

I went for the Pro over the plain Macbook for a couple of reasons – the bigger screen, the capacity to have a matt finish on that screen for outdoor comfort and the keyboard, which is a joy to type this on, that’s for sure.

As for what it can do, I’m yet to really give it a shakedown, but I’ll do my best and post as many of my creative results here for you to enjoy.

Until then, take it easy.

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