Want longer lasting sex?

You’ve all seen the ad, probably on the way to IKEA. Well, you won’t be seeing it anymore. “Want Longer Lasting Sex” has certainly caught the eye, and everyone I know who has seen it has shouted it out and giggled a little afterwards.

No longer ... this billboard will not be erected anymore.

No longer ... this will not be erected anymore.

Despite being in our faces for 18 months, the advertising standards body has caved in to public pressure to pull the billboards down. More than 100 of these posters are scattered around the country.

Perhaps more stupid is that the ad has actually been an astounding success. The Sydney
Morning Herald reports that the ads have prompted about 2000 men a week to call the doctors at the Australian Medical Iinstitute, making it one of the most successful calls-to-action advertisements to date.

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