Mother India

I thought I’d write a quick update while on the road in India. I’ve been here with Ella for just more than a week, and we had the most magical time. Currently, we’re in Jaisalmer, which is not far from the Pakistan border in the north west of the country. It’s centred on a 12th Century fort, which has become a town in its own right, but is sadly falling apart at the seams owing to the water use of the locals, which is too much for its atiquated plumbing system.

I didn’t want to write too much now, as I’ll be compiling a full travel piece when I return. But all I’ll say is India has been magical to date. Yes, it’s dirty, filthy, overcrowded and often smelly, but you know that coming in, and if you look past that, there is beauty everywhere, not least in the smiles of the children here.

We’ve moved from Mumbai to Udaipur, to Jodhpur and to Jaisalmer so far, with Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi to go before a return to Mumbai for the flight back to Sydney. It will seem a sanitised experience to go home after this, much as I felt when moving from Vietnam to Hong Kong on my trip a few years back. There is something about unkempt locations that fascinates me, and I know when I return, I’ll spend my time longing for the day I can explore somewhere similar.

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