Surfing in super slo-mo

A few days ago, I posted a super slo-mo video which, at the time, I thought was extraordinary. Turns out the BBC has achieved something more so.

They’ve been shooting a series called South Pacific, and within you’ll see this astonishing piece of footage, shot on the same US$100,000 camera, the Typhoon HD4.Australian cameraman Bali Strickland – not sure if he’s related to the legendary runner Shirley – took the footage and is clearly delighted with his efforts when you watch the clip.

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Understandably so.

This is the first time surfing has been shot in super slo-mo, and from the look of this clip, it surely won’t be the last.

The churn you can see in the water is so richly captured, that you can now fully understand the power of these waves. This one was a 12-footer.They can tear you apart if you get caught in them at even slightly the wrong angle, and they’re proof, as if it were needed, that Mother Nature possesses awesome power.

The specs for the camera, if you’re interested, are as follows:Image sensor:

  • Advanced CMOS with ultra-high light sensitive of 1000 ASA
  • Resolution: 1280×1024 pixels; 720P high-resolution up to 1000 frames per second
  • Max frame rate: 200,000 frames per second
  • Storage: 4GB internal memory (3.5 seconds of recording time at 1000 frames per second or 7 seconds at 500 frames per second or 720P)
  • Lenses: Nikon prime lenses 14mm and 17-35mm

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