Sydney’s Red Dawn

Today I awoke to one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen – a dust storm in Sydney. I opened my balcony doors, and was presented with an eerie orange world, the likes of which I’d never seen.

Sydney suffered heavy rain the previous evening, but that was followed up overnight as much of the city slept by strong winds that blew dust came from two flooded rivers in western Queensland south and across the city. The result was astonishing.

There was a think layer of dust on everything – cars, decks, road signs. I cycled to work, relatively safely, and wasn’t coughing too badly after the 12km trip. I just wanted to experience it in the open, and not bailed up on what would have been a packed and ugly train ride.

I’ve seen dust storms in the Middle East, where you kind of expect them. There is always a layer of sand on things in that part of the world, but I’d never seen it this colour before. It was something to behold, and another day to remember.

I whipped up a quick gallery on flickr of other people’s pictures. There were thousands of them, so it wasn’t easy to narrow them down, but I’m pretty happy with what I got.

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