Bubble Gum and my own idea

I’ve been letting this photographic idea swim around in my head for a while, where I collect a bunch of people – probably friends – and photograph them in situations that I think characterise them in my mind. Think about if you were telling a new acquaintance about one of your friends, you know … “I’ve got this friend, she’s a really great cook”. Basically, the first thing I think of to describe the friend would be the place or theme I’d use in which to photograph them.

I have another idea where I put headphones on a bunch of subjects and playing something to them. I’d either photograph or film their reactions to what comes through. I stumbled across this little clip, which plays on a similar theme, but using spicy bubble gum as the tool for the human reaction.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bubble Gum, posted with vodpod

I love portraiture, faces, human reactions to all sorts of things, so this really pushed my buttons. I’ll get around to completing my own project someday soon, when things settle down a bit, who knows, you could be on the list of subjects.

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