Writing again … kinda, sorta

I was commissioned to write a couple of music pieces for Yahoo Music (Australia) recently. The brief was pretty open – they wanted something on the “next big thing” in young music, so think Bieber, etc, and also tours for 2011.

I felt a bit unclean after completing the tasks, purely because the mainstream music scene is not somewhere I’ve completely comfortable, but I can hold my own. Having said that, it was fun to do. I’m definitely getting the taste for writing again. I’ve really missed it. I’d love to get back into it full time if possible, but there is a massive difference between the pay scales of what I’m doing now and what I might earn were I to go freelance and write for a living.

But lately, I’ve been thinking I should get back into a job I enjoy 100 per cent, regardless of what it pays me. Provided I’ve got enough to pay the rent, eat, go out occasionally and travel when I need to, it really doesn’t matter. We’ll see.

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