Chris Dent’s amazing eye(s)

I stumbled across Chris Dent’s work tonight while surfing The Selvedge Yard, one of my favourite “bloke” blogs. Dent is an illustrator of astonishing talent, as this clip shows.

I guess Dent’s work appeals to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s very focused on urban landscapes, which remind me of my home in London, which I miss for so many reasons. Being a born and bred urbanite, I’ve always loved looking at London – and other cities for that matter – from above, as Dent does in his work here (commissioned by Alfred Dunhill). From up high, you see so much beauty in cities that is often missed from ground level.

London is incredibly dense, both in terms of her population and architecture. Modern monoliths reach for the skies around ancient churches and government buildings that command a history and respect from lower down that arguably few other capital cities around the world can match. One turn of the London Eye will provide you proof of that.

I also love the exquisite detail that is released from the pens and other materials Dent places in his hands. I’m in awe of the impossibly straight lines he creates and the definition he puts into every object in his drawings. Architecture is something else my eyes love to gorge on, so all up, Dent is providing me with some serious visual orgasms. (Thanks, man.)

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