Falling – a self-therapy song

I’ve just finished re-recording and mixing a track I wrote sometime back in 2009. I wrote it during a pretty dark time in my life in an attempt to cheer myself up and administer a bit of self-therapy. I love music for that. It’s got me out of a lot of shitty times over the years.

The song is basically about being lost and searching for something – whether it be a special person or something else – to give me direction. I called it Falling because I felt like I kept doing that. I’d feel good about things, then somehow manage to stuff it up through my own failings. I wrote it with hope in my head, so it’s not meant to be a sad or depressing number.

Thankfully the darkness has been replaced by bright light these days. I realised through last year I have a lot of special people in my life that at various times or another have helped me get up and feel on top of the world again, so thanks if one of them is you. A word of advice, too. If you’re in a similar spot yourself, don’t push people away if they genuinely want to help you. Everybody needs that at some time in their life. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

This mix is not perfect by any means, and I’d rather use live instruments than what Logic provides, but I hope you dig it anyway. I’ve posted the lyrics below as well. All feedback gratefully accepted – I think – *gulp*.

Falling (2nd mix) by foraggio

Falling – Toby Forage
See a break in my mind
Take a breath and follow it
Didn’t think to decide
If it was a good idea
Nothing there to define
What I want to be
Lost again in a fire
Burning me I’m black and beaten

Yet again
I’ve been tempted
Once again
Can’t believe it

Everything that I know
Everything that I want for me
Isn’t here as I know
It’s beyond these walls around me
I can’t see any more
As the shadows cross the sun
No more light in my world
But I’ve heard there is a secret

To escape
I can catch you up again
I can be there

But I’m falling down
At the edge of what I want
I keep falling down
In the end
And I’ll climb back up
Try again to stay afloat
I keep falling down
In the end

How can I stop this?
It’s just an avalanche of fear
I can run but I can’t run forever
Maybe you can pull me clear
Pull me clear

Clear, oh oh oh oh
Clear, oh oh oh oh
Pull me clear, oh oh oh oh
Pull me clear, oh oh oh oh

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