Trip of a lifetime to see Sigur Ros

So I’ve been banging on about Sigur Ros for about a month now, with the news that their new album, Valtari, is set for release on 28 May. They’ve been sneakily releasing songs from the record here and there, most of which I’ve been posting. Here’s another one, Dauðalogn, which featured in The Vampire Diaries this past week. Excuse the clip from the episode, but you get an idea of the track in it. Another absolute beauty.

In further exciting news (and the reason for this post’s heading), I’ll be seeing Sigur Ros in their native Iceland this year when I travel there for the Iceland Airwaves Festival, where they will be headlining on 4 November. Labelled by Rolling Stone magazine as “the hippest festival on the music calendar”, it runs for four days and also features a few other favourites of mine, including Phatogram, Philco Fiction and Rubik, to name but a few. It’s going to be an extraordinary experience which I cannot wait to indulge in.

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