Song of the day – Laura

I’ve had a crush on Natasha Khan for ages. Known better by her stage name Bat For Lashes, Khan will release her third album, The Haunted Man, in late October. This track, Laura, is the first single of the record. The video is as beautiful as the song. Khan’s voice has a quality that makes me melt inside. It’s just so wonderful.

If I had a list of artists I could spend a day in the recording studio with, she’d be right up there. To sit in a control room and watch her perform would be nothing short of mesmeric, I reckon. I was mildly obsessed by Fur And Gold, her first record, and completely obsessed with Two Suns, her second. I wonder if she had me in mind when coming up with the title for the the third. I can dream she did, for I am sure I will resemble something of a haunted man after I listen to it. But I’ll be carrying a big, fat, demented smile of pleasure, I think. Oh Natasha, you’ve got me … again. And thanks for posing nude on the new cover.

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