Song of the day – Language

Let me explain this one. I was recently asked to score a soundtrack for a friend’s short movie, a project I’m currently immersed in up to my eyeballs. It’s fun, though. Currently, all I have to go on is an animatic he sent me and a plot line, with some musical references he has in his mind. The movie is a little left of centre and, hopefully, will appear at Tropfest in Sydney in 2013. Even if it doesn’t, it would be awesome to get this right, and fill me with a huge sense of achievement.

So this week, I’ve been gathering ideas, both in terms of musical style and also arrangement and mood. Today, another friend sent me the hula-hoop GoPro clip embedded at the foot of this post, which is awesome in its own right. But the music and the edit got me thinking. Maybe I should think outside the box a little and mix some styles for this movie across the scenes I have to play with.

As a lover of all music, one of my guilty pleasures is trashy Euro-club beats (think Madeon, ATB, David Guetta and other DJs you’re likely to hear in a sweaty Ibiza dance club or a Mardi Gras after party). Porter Robinson, the creator of today’s song, is cut from a similar cloth, and incorporates with some Skrillex-style dubstep skills across some of his other tracks. In my tiny mind, I think I’m on to something with this approach for one scene in particular, but only time, and more long hours staring at Logic, will tell.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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