Mew launches new song via its own app

Sensory Spaces

The Sensory Space website.

Bloody awesome Danish rockers Mew have taken the interesting step of launching a new song Making Friends via a whole new musical app, called Sensory Spaces. The idea of the app is to give a user a treasure hunt type of experience, gradually building a song by exploring the space around them with their device of choice. Once you navigate through enough sounds, by moving you device around and listening in your headphones for all the parts, you’re rewarded with an exclusive version of the song.

“You get to experience sounds in a different way,” guitarist Bo Madsen says. “This whole app is about trying to play with sounds and, I guess, see how the workshop of a band is.”

That could be very cool, or it could be very frustrating, particularly if you’re desperate to hear a new track. But either way, it’s good to see a band using its imagination around the release of new material and challenging people to get hold of it. No doubt they’ll certainly find out who their real fans are with this idea.

The app is a co-development with B&O PLAY, an offshoot of audio hardware kings Bang  & Olufsen, also based in Mew’s native Denmark. It’s an interesting idea, albeit a gimmicky one, and Sensory Spaces will be available for iOS devices on 25 September 2013.

Sorry, Android droids, but it appears you’re not going to get a look in to this one. Sucks to be you. But hey, you can get only a few clues from this video, posted to tease the app, last week.

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