I Kill Giants – The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous - I Kill Giants

The Naked And Famous – I Kill Giants

Definitely one of my favourite tracks from In Rolling Waves, the latest album from The Naked And Famous, is I Kill Giants. Musically it’s terrific, lyrically, it’s heartfelt, with Alisa Xayalith admitting in a post on the band’s website this week that this one is for her late mother, making it a song that is very special to the band’s frontwoman.

“At first I felt insecure singing about something so infinitely painful and blatantly autobiographical,” she says. “But now I’m more comfortable explaining that I Kill Giants is a song about losing my mum to breast cancer as a young girl. One of the saddest events in my young life has been turned into something beautiful in the form of music.”

Xayalith’s strained question “why couldn’t we save you” throughout the track certainly tugs at the heart strings, and no doubt everyone who has lost a loved one to this unfairly common disease would be charged with empathy listening to the track.

Joel Kefali directed the clip, set in a sun-drenched but sombre church using interpretive dance to convey the “saddest of days” that is the topic of this song. It’s a great piece of work, and watch carefully for the edit to backwards vision halfway through.

If you haven’t yet listened to the album In Rolling Waves, I highly recommend that you do so. It’s a superb collection of tunes, reviewed here.


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