Nina Persson releases her Animal Heart

Nina Persson - Animal Heart

Nina Persson – Animal Heart.

The Cardigans lead singer Nina Persson has set free a brand new solo track as she prepares to release her debut solo album early in 2014.

The song bears the title of the album, Animal Heart, which is set for a UK release in February. The video is pretty cool too, a one-shot effort following Nina as she takes a standard stroll to the corner shop for a carton of milk before sitting on the steps at the end, beckoning you into her New York apartment as she sings: “Come be my man, babe hang on to me. Come be my man, baby bail with me.”

Any time, Nina. Any time.

Persson hasn’t disappointed with this pop-infused ballad. It features all the hallmarks of what made The Cardigans so great – essentially, her superb voice and a set of great lyrics that keep you hooked from start to finish. That vibrato is so distinctive, and her effortless delivery continues to amaze me. Remember My Favourite Game? Such a brilliant song, and made all the better by the way she nonchalantly yet perfectly sang her way through a pretty dark collection of lyrics. Genius, some might call it. I wouldn’t disagree.

The Swedish star remains an icon of the music industry, and she’ll turn 40 in September, 2014. A massive success for the first record bearing her name alone would certainly be a fitting birthday present.

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