Carlos Santana reunites with homeless band-mate

Santana and Malone

Carlos Santana embraces Malone as they are reunited.

Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer for you all; the story of Carlos Santana reuniting with now homeless former band-mate Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone.

Malone was a conga player on Santana’s self-titled first album , but left the band after he was jailed in 1969, the same year that record was released. Santana played Woodstock not long after that, became a global superstar, while Malone went on an entirely different life path, and has ended up homeless in Oakland. Talk about fate.

But fate has a funny way of making things right, too. Just as Sixto Rodriguez became a global hit after being rediscovered for the documentary Searching For Sugar Man, Malone, it seems, will now have the chance to play again with Santana, more than 40 years after they last made music together.

KRON4 News, whose reporter Stanley Roberts fortuitously discovered Malone and subsequently organised the reunion with Santana, has reported that the rock and roll hall of famer is now keen to get his old pal back into the studio along with the other original members of his old Blues Band.

CNN, who picked up the yarn, also quoted Santana as saying: “I want to offer him a place to stay in an apartment, get him some clothes, and just get him out of the street.”

So there you have it. Christmas cheers for all.

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