Elbow teases new album with new track

Guy Garvey - Elbow

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey, delivering another flawless performance on new track Fly Boy Blue / Lunette.

It’s been a pretty exciting 2014 musically so far, and now we’ve got some new Elbow material to feast our ears on, too.

The award-winning British group is set to release its sixth studio album The Take Off And Landing Of Everything, and this week sent this track out to the masses, Fly Boy Blue / Lunette.

It’s good, particularly the second half, and singer Guy Garvey has clearly been thinking hard about his lyrics for this one. I particularly empathise with the line, “I’ll still want a bottle of good Irish whiskey and a bundle of smokes in my grave”.

It sounds like the construction of the songs was a little unusual this time around, starting with drummer Richard Jupp, who is no stranger to writing songs for the band along with the rest of the musicians involved.

“Rich went into the studio and recorded several different drum patterns for me. I’ll go away next week and try and write lyrics for them. We’ve never worked this way before, but we’ll see what happens,” Garvey told The Mirror a while back.

It’s a collaborative little clique.

Fly Boy Blue / Lunette has a few Elbow hallmarks, not least lyrically and in Garvey’s delivery, Manchester accent still wonderfully intact throughout. The halfway point slides down to a slow hypnotic flow that reminded me of Newborn, the third single from the band’s debut album Asleep In The Back in 2001. While it doesn’t climb to the heights where that oldie finishes, it is a beautifully constructed finish to this new track.

The band appears to be losing nothing over the years. In this new track, we seem to be harking back to earlier days, pre-2008 Mercury Music Prize winning days when they were still relatively unknown to the masses that now throng to their shows around the world. It’s exciting to hear, because those of us that have been fans from the outset remember those tunes fondly, and I’ve personally been hoping for a return to those times.

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything¬†is set for release on 10 March. While I’m not keen to wish my life away, that date can’t come quick enough.

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