Wake up to Elbow’s beautiful New York Morning

New York Morning Elbow

The sleeve art for Elbow’s New York Morning single.

We wrote a few days ago about Elbow’s new material, and this week, the first single from upcoming album The Take Off And Landing Of Everything is out.

New York Morning is a cracking way to introduce us to the new record. I already want more, because it’s a truly magnificent piece of music. Check it out via the video below, or listen to the Spotify embed if you want to close your eyes and truly listen. (I recommend the latter first.)

If you’re unaware, the clip is a tribute to Dennis and Lois, a music-mad Brooklyn couple who met through music and continue to enjoy their lives through it. “That’s what I do with my money. Buy gas and go and see music,” Lois says. Apart from the gas part, how I can empathise with that.

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything is slated for launch on 7 March. Here’s the tracklisting, which the band released earlier this month.

This Blue World
Fly Boy Blue/Lunette
New York Morning
Real Life (Angel)
Honey Sun
My Sad Captains
Colour Fields
The Take Off and Landing of Everything
The Blanket of Night

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