Ten things I’ve been listening to

Once again I find myself apologising for the massive gap between this post and the last. If only I could do this full-time and not the job that actually pays me money to survive in this dig eat dog world. Ho hum.

Anyway, I thought I’d keep it simple by posting a bunch of songs I’ve heard over the past few weeks I haven’t been writing. Hope you’ve all got Spotify. If not, now is a good time to sign up, because it just launched a redesign which is pretty sweet.

1. Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices
This one surprised me a little. Porter Robinson is perhaps better know for his dancefloor fillers like Unison and Language. But with this one, he gone all atmospheric and anthemic. It’s got a fair does of M83 about it, and is apparently the new direction he wants to go in. Good on him. He’s ageing, like the rest of us, and appears to have chose to do so gracefully. I heard this one while away on a long weekend in Mornington.

2. deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Nero Remix) feat Rob Swire
Nothing like a bit of dubstep to blow your mind, especially when it’s in a snowboard movie, as this track is. In the amazing film Art Of Flight, which I watched on Blu-ray in awe a few weeks back, this track accompanies some quite breathtaking super-slow-mo footage of some of the world’s best boarders in powder we can only dream of riding.

3. Elbow – Fly Boy Blue/Lunette
A song I raved about when I reviewed Elbow’s latest album The Take Off And Landing Of Everything, last month. Read more there, I guess. A cracking tune, especially the Lunette half.

4. Erik Hassle – Somebody’s Party EP
Sweden’s Erik Hassle is, for me, one of the best soul voices I’ve ever heard. Seriously, I know that’s a big call, but he is blissfully gifted. He hit me hard a few years back with an extraordinary cover of Sam Cooke’s Nothing Can Ever Change This Love For You, and I’ve loved him ever since. He’s recently released an EP, and it’s a beauty, full of heartfelt lyrics and eclectic arrangements that break the mould. The guy is awesome. Listen, in particular, to Innocence Lost, which features Tinashe.

5. Embrace – Refugees EP
Yorkshire rockers Embrace haven’t done anything for a very long time. This EP, released last year, came to my attention via some sort of music discovery app. Just when I thought they were dead and buried, they slapped me in the face and demanded my attention again. This EP is the forerunner to a sixth album, due out this month and self-titled. If this collection is anything to go by, it sounds like it might be good.

6. Beck – Morning Phase
Not much to say about this other than it is still my early contender for album of the year. Beck took my breath away when he released this earlier in 2014. Every listen melts me. A truly magnificent musical compendium.

7. The Preatures – Better Than It Ever Could Be
Another band I spruiked back in February, largely as a result of this song getting a bit of airplay. Read more here, and listen below. A cracking little summer song, and while summer may be over, the song still rings in my ears.

8. Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked
I like Lykke Li, quite fancy her, actually. She’s Scandinavian (tick), sexy (tick), has an awesome voice (tick), and sings my kind of songs. No Rest For The Wicked has popped out of her forthcoming album I Never Learn. It’s in no way a new direction for her musically, but so what? I like her style, and I’ve been spinning this one a fair bit.

9. Broken Bells – Perfect World
One half Shins singer/guitarist James Mercer, the other musical genius Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse), Broken Bells is such a great little project: two guys that just have fun with sounds and produce some sensational tunes. It was a big secret for a while, but now they’re open about their brilliance, thank goodness. After The Disco is the duo’s second album and came out in February. No doubt you’ve heard Holding On To Life, but the one I keep playing over and over is Perfect World. It just feels like one when you’re listening to these boys.

10. The Alan Parsons Project – Time
Yeh, this is an old one, but I found a copy of The Turn Of A Friendly Card on vinyl at a market so got listening to it again. That album was released in 1980, and I was pretty obsessed with it at the age of nine or 10. Incredible really when I think about it. I still love it, especially this track. Sit back, headphones on loud, and let it sweep over you. It’s a stunner.

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