alt-J is back, with Miley Cyrus?



Yes you read that right. alt-J has teamed up with Miley Cyrus, and released a track Hunger Of The Pine as it prepares to release a follow-up album to 2012’s An Awesome Wave, which created exactly that when it hit the mainstream later that year.

The upcoming album, This Is All Yours, is set for release in mid-September. While something special will be expected of the English wizards of chopped-up beats and melodies, a collaboration with the world’s most infamous twerker, Miley, was probably not on that list of expectations. But, fear not. It’s not strictly a collaboration. A sample of Miley’s 4×4 is all we hear through this track, a refrain of “I’m a female rebel”, the opening line from her banjo-driven hootenanny. Permission was sought from Miley herself by the band, and she said she was a fan so “go right ahead”.

Thankfully, alt-J’s use of the line is nothing short of brilliant. It works perfectly in the moody, dark, dub vibe of this new track. A cracking preview of what’s to come. Time to get excited I reckon, folks. September can’t come soon enough.

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