Freakish guitar skills on show

Jacky Bastek has entered this original composition, Idyll Of Hills, into the Lowden Young Guitarist Of The Year awards.

I wouldn’t normally highlight something like this, but it really is an extraordinary piece of music. There are shades of Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel in here, for sure, but Bastek could certainly carve out a niche for herself as a professional musician if she keeps up this sort of playing.

I’m not sure how old she is, but she has to be younger than 25 to enter the competition, which makes her playing all the more impressive.

Some of the other entries into the competition are also excellent. Check out Matteo Brenci here, playing another original track Raindance.

And here is Rhythm Shaw playing The Opening Act, with no discernible lack of dexterity.

Ricardo Gama’s entry is called Beautiful Demon.

What’s striking about all of these entries, and you can see many more on the Lowden Guitars Facebook page, is the percussive use of the guitar by these players, and the imaginative use of harmonics. Not a frequent listener to guitar soloists, I tend to forget what a versatile instrument it is.

I look forward to hearing who wins the competition. One thing is for sure, the judges are going to have a hell of a time picking the best. There certainly is no lack of guitar-playing talent out there.

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