Watch Stornoway Get Low, but make you high

Stornoway - Get Low

Stornoway – Get Low.

Something new from Oxford band Stornoway has been too long in the making. Well, that’s not strictly true, since the quartet’s second album, Tales From Terra Firma, is barely two years old. Get Low, the first single from their third album Bonxie, set for an April release. Check out the video below.

The stars of the clip are undoubtedly the five greylag geese that fly with the band while they strum through the new track, an uplifting ditty that will make you feel like flying, too. It’s a bit of a self-indulgence for lead singer Brian Briggs, who is a keen bird watcher in what spare time he has. According to The Guardian, the new album “features the birdsong of more than 20 different species. The title itself is the name of a Hebridean seabird”.

And if you were wondering, the geese are trained to o what they do in this clip. Pretty smart, if you ask me.

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