Tina Dico gets her groove back

Tina Dico

Tina Dico

Back when I had less grey hairs on my head, I’d listen to Tina Dico a lot. Her 2005 album In The Red got a lot of plays in my pokey bedroom. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

I kind of lost touch with Dico over the years, so I was heartened to stumble across a new clip from her on YouTube. The song is called Spark.

It’s a big change from the last time I heard Dico. But I love it. Her voice, which was what always attracted me to her music, is as good as it was in 2005, but now carries so much more gravitas. What makes this song even cooler is that it’s just a bit of fun, recorded after Dico had been mucking about in the studio with a banjo and some foot percussion. It’s not intended for an album or EP or anything else. Just recorded, and thrown out there on social media for the world to enjoy. Nice one, Tina.

I read recently that Dico has been living in Reykjavík after spending the early part of her career in the UK. She got married in the Icelandic capital, had a daughter, Jósefína, and is apparently feeling pretty good if this tune is anything to go by.

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