Foo Fighters deliver on Cesena promise

Mohawk Guy, Cesena, Foo Fighters

Mohawk Guy kicks off the Rockin’ 1000 clip.

You all remember Cesena, right — that little Italian town you’d never heard of until one resident organised 1000 people to play a Foo Fighters cover in an attempt to entice the band to play a show there? Well, Foo Fighters this week made good on frontman Dave Grohl’s promise to play there, and it looks like it was an absolute riot from the few fan videos of the night that have surfaced online.

Among the many highlights, this was perhaps the funniest I’ve seen. ‘Mohawk Guy’, who is seen at the start of the Rockin’ 1000 clip smashing the first beat of the Learn To Fly cover, fulfilled every drummer’s dream by blagging his way on stage to dethrone Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and play drums through the band’s cover of Under Pressure.

Grohl’s reactions are priceless, and as for Hawkins — well, who knew he had a voice?

Earlier in the night, Grohl also gave a cool speech in recognition of what the town had achieved in getting the band to their little town to play.

And play Foo Fighters most certainly did. The set consisted of a massive 27 songs, including a couple of covers. No doubt Hawkins was glad to take a break for one of them, because that is one hell of a workout for a drummer of his energy.

Here’s a reminder of what Rockin’ 1000 originally shot and posted back in July, a clip that has now received close to 25 million views on YouTube. What a great final chapter to a truly great story.

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