Tronicbox takes us back to the 1980s

Recently I stumbled across a YouTube channel that has taken remixing to a whole new level.

TRONICBOX picks all your favourite tunes from the present day, or very recent past, and reworks them into nostalgic Eighties hits, and quite frankly, they’re superb.

My first encounter with TRONICBOX, who hails from Canada and describes himself — or herself, who knows? — as “a musician, gamer, and software developer from Saskatchewan Canada”, was when a version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know popped up on one of my many online feeds. Take a listen.

Instantly it threw me back to my youth. Everything about it made me smile, from the hilarious cover shot to the production itself, replete with punchy disco drum sounds, the most kitsch electric piano you can imagine and the type of pulsing electro bassline every Eighties kid bounced to back in the day. Add to that wailing guitar solos you might hear in a Rocky training montage, and what you’ve got is a pretty perfect work of art.

The original — a duet with Kimbra — was, of course, a massive hit in its own right, and the genius of this remix wasn’t lost on Kimbra herself when she posted this to her Facebook page.


When I heard TRONICBOX’s equally magnificent rejig of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, I had to share this stuff with the world. This time, it’s not just the tune that will give you happy little goosebumps, but the video as well. Having been a fitness instructor in my deep, dark past, I could relate even more. It’s also a lot rockier, which I like. This is Europe meets early Bon Jovi with a bit of Journey tossed in for good measure. Impossibly good.

The remixes keep coming, which is good news. Katy Perry has been morphed into a Jane Fonda for her remix, while her hit Firework is transformed into a disco funk number Chaka Khan would have been proud to perform in her heyday.

Whoever TRONICBOX is, I hope he/she sees this. Please say hi, and keep us posted on what’s coming next because so far, I’m blown away by your skills. Thank you, from the bottom of my nostalgic heart. This stuff is just too good to be true.

Here’s a cheesy version of Justin Bieber’s Baby to sign off. The sax solo is magnificent! And that pic!! 🤣

Colbert lives out all our Pearl Jam fantasies

Stephen Colbert said it himself. “What an honour! You don’t get to that everyday.”

‘That’ is getting to stand alongside the great Eddie Vedder on stage with his awesome band, Pearl Jam, and rock out like a mofo to their cover of choice, Rockin The Free World, originally done, of course, by Neil Young.

Just watching this will fill you with joy. I guarantee it. You can thank me later.

Pearl Jam were in New York as part of the excellent Global Citizen Festival, which aims to end global poverty by the year 2030 in conjunction with the United Nations. It’s a noble cause, and certainly a realistic if we all do our part.

You can find out more about that at our sister blog Foraggio Photographic here. Do it. Become a Global Citizen and make a mark. Rock the free world for yourself, and feel as good as Colbert did on stage here.

Stephen Colbert Gets Lucky

Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert

Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert ‘get lucky’.

When Daft Punk cancelled on Stephen Colbert, you wouldn’t think “lucky” was the first word that came to mind. But, as it turns out, Colbert will probably have more views of this clip than any other he’s ever posted online. We can only hope the copyright fools don’t pull it from YouTube, where it lives in various forms.

To cut a long story short, Colbert organised his own version of the French disco duo’s uber hit of 2013 Get Lucky, involving not only his own rather impressive dance moves but those of a few of his A-List friends. They include Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, Bryan Cranston and others. I don’t know how he managed to pull it all together, but I’m certainly glad he did.

There really is nothing worth writing here that can give you any more than the clip already does, so sit back, relax, and allow a big smile to crawl across your face.

Pic of the day

Hello dawg …

MAY 21, 2011::EXPLORE!
Pic :: Miss B

Song of the day … People Of WalMart

Depending on your point of view, the People Of WalMart website is either mercilessly cruel or gut-bustingly hilarious. I tend to sit somewhere in the middle. But this song, created as a tribute, one presumes, to both the website and its subjects therein, is very good. Hope you like it.

Open letter to an idiot

Dear Idiot,

I’m the guy that nearly ran you over tonight on the way home – I was on a bicycle, lit up like a Christmas tree, travelling just past the south exit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You were strolling casually across the road, and saw me approach, yet despite my speed of approximately 40km/h you decided for some reason you didn’t have to move a little faster to clear the road before I got to you. There was no pedestrian crossing, so I’m curious as to why you think you can wander aimlessly in an area designated for vehicles, not pedestrians.

However, I’m more curious as to why you told me to “F*** off” as I passed you, asking you to move out of the way because slowing down for me was infinitely more complicated that speeding up a little would have been for you. Would you do the same were I a car? Or a bus? Or a truck? I suspect not.

Do you honestly think you won’t get hurt if I hit you? Believe me, you would. you might even die. Not only that, but I might suffer a similar fate. Is there some reason you feel you have more right to be in an open roadway than a vehicle with two wheels? Or are you just a brainless bogan with absolutely no thought for anyone but yourself?

I suspect the latter.

I won’t act surprised because I encounter people like you every day. And yes, I agree, we cyclists are no saints, but many of us do follow the road rules and have far more sense for safety on the road than you ever will. If you get run over – by a bike, a bus, a car, or a bloody great juggernaut – I’ll feel no sympathy for you.

And next time you see a vehicle – whether it be powered by legs or motorised pistons – don’t say “F*** off”, just go on your way a little quicker like any normal person would do … you stupid, mindless moron.

A cyclist

PS – If this language is too complex for you, just concentrate on the last three words. Look in the mirror, and repeat them to yourself ad nauseum (that means lots and lots). OK? Thanks … bye.

City Lights – classic romance

A friend of mine this week pointed me to this beautiful little clip from Charlie Chaplin’s movie City Lights. It’s the final scene of the 1931 classic, which is one of the more romantic flicks you’ll ever see. Watch it if you get the chance.

Quoting from Wikipedia’s plot summary: “The story centres on Chaplin’s tramp and his love for a blind flower girl. Broke and homeless he runs into a drunken millionaire and talks him out of committing suicide. A running gag throughout the film is that when the millionaire is drunk he is the best of friends with the tramp right up until he sobers up and cannot remember him. The millionaire takes to the tramp as his “best friend for life,” giving him nice clothes, going to parties and even giving him his Rolls Royce. The tramp meets a poor blind girl whom he sees selling flowers on the street. He falls in love with her and when the girl mistakes him for a millionaire he keeps up the charade.

To keep up the illusion that he is wealthy while the millionaire is traveling abroad in Europe, he gets a job as a street sweeper. The tramp learns that the girl’s rent is overdue and she and her grandmother are in danger of being evicted from their apartment. However the Tramp must find a way to raise the $22 overnight after losing his sweeping job. In one of the funniest and most memorable scenes he enters a boxing contest to raise money for the girl, which also fails. Eventually it is a casual gift of one thousand dollars from the returning millionaire which will pay for not only the rent but also an operation for the girl’s eyes the Tramp read about in the paper. Unfortunately like many of the tramp’s efforts things go wrong and he is mistakenly accused of stealing the money when the millionaire is sober. The tramp manages to get the money to the girl, telling her that he is going away shortly, before he is arrested and imprisoned.”

The final scene shows Chaplin released from prison and floundering through the streets again, searching for the girl he loves. As you can see from watching it, he finds her and mercifully, she can now see. While she initially thinks Chaplin is nothing but a simple tramp, upon touching his hand, she recognises him as the man in her past. Who knows where they end up? The uncertainty is the beauty. And if you’ve ever experienced that sense of touch with someone in your life, you’ll get a real kick out of this scene.

My friend believes this is one of the most beautiful things ever to be committed to film. I have to say, I couldn’t agree more.

Spelling bee hilarity

I’ve been searching for ways to cheer myself up after the bike crash that left me shattered in mind, body and soul. Today, I stumbled across some gems from the world of spelling bees, and the wonderful world that is YouTube.

Thanks to TIME magazine online for pointing me to the following classic moments centred on these words:

  1. Sardoodledom
  2. Numnah
  3. Alopecoid
  4. Euonym
  5. Negus
  6. Chinook
  7. Incunabula
  8. CNN’s Kiran Chetry’s awkward interview with spelling freak Evan O’Dorney

So after all that, especially the first two, I’m in tears. But they’re happy tears.

World Cup squads announced ;)

World Cup Trophy

The World Cup ... coming soon.

Another unusual post for Light+Shade, but a damn funny one:

BRAZIL (5-4-1)
Libero Vimto Memento Borneo Tango
Cheerio Subbuteo Scenario Fellatio

Stereo (L)
Stereo (R)

YUGOSLAVIA (3-4-2-1)
Annoyingitch Hardtoreachitch Scratchanitch
Hic Sic Spic Pric
Digaditch Fallinaditch


RUSSIA (3-2-3-2)
Ticlycov Chesticov Nasticov
Slalomsky Downhillsky
Risky Swedishshev Mastershev
Fuckov Ufuckov


ROMANIA (3-2-3-2)
Atishiou Blessiou Thankyiou
Busqueue Snookercu
Pennyciou Twoapennyciou Fourapennyciou
I’llgetciou Youandwhosarmi

Lee Kwan Yu

DENMARK (3-2-1-2-2)
Tryandstopussen Crapdefenssen Haveagossen
Firstsson Seccondsson
Legshurtssen Notroubleseeingussen
Wherestheballssen Getthebeerssen


ITALY (3-3-2-2)
Potbelli Beerbelli Giveitsumwelli
Wotsontelli Yrarseissmelli Onetoomani
Legslikejelli Havabenni
Wobblijelli Spendapenni


MEXICO (3-1-4-2
San Francisco
Costa Brava Hopelez Juan Andonly
Manuel Gearbox
Don Criformi-Argentina Skrewdigalz Luis Canon Sombrero
Chihuahua Jose

Jesus Maria Don Key
Speedy Gonzalez

Kenning van Hire
Van Diemansland Van der Valk Van Gard Van Erealdizeez
Ad van Tagus Hertz van Rental Transit van Dors
Van Coova Van Sprokendown Aye van Hoe

Van Iller
Van Ishincreme
Van Morrison

There is no place in the Dutch squad for Les Bian Tranny or Dick van Dyke.

Young Dutch star Per Vert has also been excluded from the squad, after he was discovered in the back streets of Amsterdam with his finger in a dyke.

GERMANY (4-4-2)