Emilie Nicolas returns with new single Sky

When I first discovered Emilie Nicolas, I was blown away. That was almost three years ago now, and I can’t believe where the time has gone. The good news is she’s back with a new single, Sky, and it’s every bit as wonderful as her previous work.

Nicolas has one of those ethereal Norwegian voices that I just can’t live without. The work she put in on her debut album, Like I’m A Warrior, was superb. I was only able to get hold of it through a friend in Oslo, who sent me the CD. I just wish her managers would expose her to a wider audience, because she’s got such a wonderful talent, it deserves to be heard far and wide. Very little is available to listen to in Australia, which sucks big time for those without contacts in Norway.

However, 2016 sounds like it was a rough one for the young songstress. After the success of that debut album, driven in part by her brilliant cover of Pstereo, she was forced to go into hiding somewhat and cancel a bunch of shows because of illness.

According to her Facebook page, she’s slowly getting better and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things in 2017. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on stage fitter and stronger and with new material to obsess over.


Emilie Nicolas performs Grown Up live and beautifully

Emilie Nicolas - Grown Up

Emilie Nicolas – Grown Up

The first Emilie Nicolas song I ever heard was Grown Up. Here it is performed live recently at London’s St Pancras Church for The Line Of Best Fit. It’s beautiful on the album Like I’m A Warrior. It’s equally haunting and stunning here.

Check out the lights, too. Amazingly synched with the synth part. Excellent, all up.

Emilie Nicolas releases Fail but can only succeed

Emilie Nicolas

Emilie Nicolas … packing a punch.

Many of you will know I’m already obsessed with Norwegian songstress Emilie Nicolas. I recently received the gift of her album, Like I’m A Warrior, which is absolutely outstanding, but unfortnately unavailable outside of Norway, it seems. Luckily I have friends in northern places.

Today, she posted one of the tracks on her SoundCloud page. Entitled Fail, it is anything but. A power-packed punch to the senses, it’s nothing short of awesome and shows a more aggressive side to Nicolas’s outrageous talents.

This young girl is already making waves in her native Norway. With tunes like this, there is no reason to think she won’t surf thoses waves successfully to other corners of the globe. Let’s hope so, because she is something special.

The agonising enigma that is Emilie Nicolas

Emilie Nicolas.

Emilie Nicolas.

Earlier this year I wrote a little introduction to Emilie Nicolas, a great little singer from Norway who at the time had pushed out a couple of tracks on SoundCloud called Grown Up and Nobody Knows. She also had a track on Spotify, called Pstereo, which has since been pulled for Australian subscribers for some reason. It’s all a bit frustrating, because what little I’ve heard of Emilie I’ve absolutely loved. But finding more of it is proving impossible.

While browsing the Iceland Airwaves line-up for 2014, which sadly I’m not going to be at, I was flushed with jealousy for all those that will be there when I saw Emilie will be performing on the bill.

I immediately went on the hunt for more from her, and once again drew a blank, but I did find this live performance of Pstereo performed for the brilliant NRK P3 channel last year, which is an excellent and at the same time depressing example of how good she’ll be when she plays at Airwaves. The drum part is particularly magnificent in this live arrangement of the song.

A whole show will no doubt provide more than the three songs I’ve heard so far and, with some luck, propel her to greater heights and perhaps Australian shores. After all, nobody down here knew who Ásgeir was when he played Airwaves in 2012 when I attended, and he’s been Down Under a few times over the past 12 to 18 months.

Let’s hope Emilie treads the same path, otherwise I’ll have to seek her out somewhere in Europe on my next trip over. I’m addicted, and I need more.

Emilie Nicolas is Norway’s latest charm

Emilie Nicolas

Emilie Nicolas [Tom Øverlie, NRK P3].

I’ve been beguiled once again by music from Scandinavia. Emilie Nicolas popped up on my Spotify recommendations, and upon further investigation, I’ve found some cracking little tunes. Grown Up appears to be the latest of them, and you can enjoy it right here.

The track is, she says, a tribute to her father and the video is all footage from her own youth. Not that she’s old now. Emilie is just 24, and a hell of a talent if these few tracks are anything to go by.

Here’s a track called Nobody Knows, which is a beautiful little electronica ditty with a real jazzy vibe, which is no coincidence as Emilie graduated recently from a degree in jazz performance in Trondheim, Norway.


And finally, the song that got me hooked was on Spotify. It’s called Pstereo, and is actually a cover of a track from 1990 by fellow Norwegians Dum Dum Boys. And it’s the type of cover I love, because it’s very different to the original.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more from this young lady, because so far all she’s done is produce excellence.