Rooting for London Grammar

Time flies when you’re listening to music. Three and a half years ago now, we posted a short piece about an obscure little band emerging out of the UK called London Grammar. Back then we were blown away by the vocals of Hannah Reid, and in the years since, that reaction has only strengthened.

Then along comes the end of 2016, beginning of 2017, and this young lady melts our brains again with a performance so intense and beautiful, there are no words to describe it. Just listen to this live version of the band’s newest track, Rooting For You, and try not to get goosebumps — or even weep a little.

The studio version of this track doesn’t feature to vocal solo you see in this clip, which dilutes its effect somewhat. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to know the band has lost none of its creativity in the years since releasing its last recordings in 2013.

Hands up if you’re looking forward to more of this!! We certainly are.

London Grammar covers La Roux

Sorry, been a while I know. Too much work and not enough play lately. So, to break the drought, here’s a lovely cover by the equally lovely kids of London Grammar, who performed their version of La Roux‘s In For The Kill on BBC Radio recently. For what it’s worth, I prefer this to the original. Hannah Reid is just such a sensational singer, she’d make The Birdy Song sound incredible.

Enjoy folks, and I’ll be back with more soon.

London Grammar reinventing things


Hannah Reid, London Grammar

Hannah Reid … emotion, and then some.

One of the hottest new bands getting a lot of airplay in its native UK right now is London Grammar. Fronted by vocalist Hannah Reid, the trio has just signed a publishing deal with Warner, which could mean global domination before too long given the size of that particular label.

Reid formed the band with guitarist Dan Rothman after they crossed paths in the halls of Nottingham University, later completing the line-up with Dot Major, who plays all sorts of things.

“I heard (Hannah) singing in our halls once and was really just quite blown away by it,” Dan revealed to The Line Of Best Fit recently, and if you’ve heard her sing, that’s no surprise.

There have been predictable comparisons to Florence Welch, but Reid’s voice, to my ear, is far richer, particularly in the higher registers. Not only that, but the music behind it is gorgeous. Hey Now, one of the few songs posted to the band’s SoundCloud page, is a stunning example of this. Metal & Dust shows the band can up the tempo when required, too, and the production values are very high.

What this young trio has really perfected is the art of the build. The drama is layered on thick in everything I’ve heard so far, and the feel in Reid’s voice is breathtaking at times. You can feel every emotion in what she sings. It’s been a while since a voice has hit me so hard. It would be awesome to see her perform live. It’s no surprise that she listened to a lot of soul music growing up, and movie soundtracks, while the boys were into rock, indie and more “boyish” musical pursuits.

Below is the newest of the band’s tracks, Strong, which really is the perfect word to describe its body of work so far. I’m yet to be disappointed by a track from these guys, so the promise of a full long player in September this year is a mouth-watering one indeed. Bring it on. I’ll be listening, eyes closed, lost in Reid’s voice and everything behind it.

And here’s a video for Wasting My Young Years.