Vasudeva has a tasty Take Away

I’ve been looking around for some fresh post-rock instrumental music for a while now, but I keep going back to my old favourites. That was until today when I stumbled across a great little Facebook group that helps to point us all in the right direction.

Barely two scrolls into my new favourite page, I came across an absolute gem from Vasudeva, a New Jersey band that this year released new album with an opening song, Take Away, that absolutely blew my mind.

There is so much to love about this tune. It’s cheery opening, bouncy demeanour, and absolutely epic middle section, essentially half the song and featuring some grotesquely fabulous drumming.  And then there’s the charming little audio sample at the very end, which I won’t spoil for you. Just take a listen.

What’s great about Vasudeva — and I don’t know if this has always been the case because I’ve only just got to know them — is the brightness in their music. Post-rock is an emotional experience, and while it’s often triumphant and swells your heart to bursting, it can also take on a very sombre feel at times. This, though, is different. It’s got a definite air of positivity about it, and if you could headbang in your yoga class, this would be the perfect soundtrack.

I’m off to get stuck into the rest of this album, and I reckon you should too. It’s called No Clearance.

Mogwai returns, and so do I

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

Rave Tapes artwork.

Just got back from a fabulous fortnight in Sri Lanka, so sorry for the radio silence. Anyway, I’m excited to see so much new music coming out very soon. Arcade Fire has released its new album, Pearl Jam‘s latest record is also out and, today, I see Scottish post-rockers Mogwai also have a new album on the launchpad.

Remurdered surfaced this week, a cracking little slow-burner that will join nine other songs on the release. If the rest is remotely similar, we’re in for a great collection of tunes.  It’s not just noise, but blippy synths and pounding drums all the way. A great build and something a little different from the Glasgow guys.

The album is titled Rave Tapes and is slated for release in mid-January 2014.