Who writes this stuff?

Toby Forage

Toby Forage

Toby Forage, a.k.a. Foraggio, has loved music for a very long time. As a kid, he’d set up pillows on his parents’ makeshift couch and play what he thought were drums. Later in his early teens, he built his own kit out of chairs and traffic cones, impressing visitors to the house so much that his long-suffering Mum was somehow persuaded to buy him his first proper drum kit, a Premier APK that he loved to death.

Foraggio played in bands with stars to be like Fil Eisler, now better known as composer Izler (Revenge, How To Be Single, Newtown, CHiPs), but while he never reached the great heights of Fil as a musician after switching to studies and a career as a journalist, he’s never lost the passion to connect with and share the sounds he loves. He still plays in bands, currently rock outfit Cigars Of The Pharaoh, as well as previously with Kristian Jackson, Fuzu, Glance and sometime electronic project Outsider, a collaboration with fellow Englishman abroad and Cigars bassist Simon Figliuzzi.

A voracious appetite for music discovery led Toby to repurpose his blog Light+Shade to a destination to post on new songs, musical stories, reviews and more. He’s still buying drums, most recently a Gretsch, to go with the guitars, ukeleles, bongos, djembes, keyboards, electronic toys and other random instruments in his home.

Light+Shade is a brain dump for me,” Foraggio says. “I always get so excited when I hear new music or experience live shows that fill me with joy. I feel it’s only right to share this with the world so it, too, can feel the same joy.”

Foraggio’s other interests include photography and travel. His work in the sports world also means he’s got a healthy love for that pursuit, too.

“Just enjoy Light+Shade for what it is,” he adds, “my guide to music that I think can really make your heart and mind feel good.”

Foraggio now lives in Sydney, Australia.

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